Ontmoet Tony, Anna, Amy en Mariya: Zij hebben met behulp van SOON een fietsenwinkel en -reparatiecentrum voor internationale studenten opgezet, waar zij zelf hun fiets kunnen repareren.

‘One day on de Uithof, a bike wheel was bent. The poor student couldn’t roll it home, nor could he fix it for a reasonable price. Faced with the options of buying a brand new bike or buying a stolen bike, his desire to refurbish and continue using his old bike led to the inspiration behind What The Fiets.

What The Fiets is a student bike shop on de Uithof campus, designed to educate students and supply them with facilities and people to help them repair their own bikes.

This idea for a bike shop led to a group of four international students from the Sustainable Development Master’s programme who came together with SOON. Together they developed an idea to realize a shop where students could repair their own bikes.

Working with SOON was extremely effective in the development of What The Fiets. They did not only give us advice on what steps we needed to take, but also put us in touch with all the people on the campus who could help us achieve what we were aiming for.

Our SOON mentor, Robbert, gave tremendous structure to our efforts. He pointed out realities we hadn’t considered, possibilities we hadn’t anticipated and dreams we hadn’t imagined. It was like having a professional on our team, but one who was also as flexible and cool as we could hope as a student start-up project. Besides that, Robbert even joined us for meetings with campus officials to help us cover the pertinent points and get the most out of them.

In essence, Robbert and SOON played an absolutely critical role in our foundation, and we couldn’t have done it without them.

Thanks SOON!’

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