Ontmoet Salomey Asare: Zij is bij SOON terechtgekomen met haar idee voor elektronische medische dossiers in Ghana.

‘I had an idea of introducing Electronic Medical Records to Ghana. My motivation was to improve the health care of Ghana, my native country, and decrease the hospital mortality rate. Until I started as an intern at SOON, it was just an idea in my head.

After listening to a presentation by SOON at the HU University of Applied Sciences, I decided to do my internship graduation there. This way I could make my idea reality. SOON, apart from their support of organizations, supports students in making their business ideas reality!

As of now, and with the support of my supervisor at SOON, I have a business plan ready. My next step will be looking for a way to finance my project. Through SOON’s network, I came into contact with some investor matchmakers. Now I am waiting for an important document from the Ghanaian government to continue my pursuit of investors.’